New Perspective.


   ”Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” – The Fault in our Stars

     That’s what impressed me today. That is what I will remember from the 7th of September. That and the night’s breeze. The empty streets. The moon and the stars. No soul would bother the noisy silence. I walked alone home and I felt a particular kind of fear pondering in my veins. There was no fear of darkness. I was scared of the world, the people who wondered freely and arrogantly on the sidewalks. I know I must not look back. That was the arcanum.
     As I was approaching the entrance of my apartment I felt the fear fading away. However, something else happened. Surprisingly, my emotional state changed and the burden would not get away from my heart. This time though, it was pain. It may sound surprising but I am relieved for having my pain back. I do not know if I should worry for my non-expected happiness for a bitter sentiment, but I must admit, it gives me a purpose. I can feel again the gap in my soul and now I know, better than ever, that I should find a way to fulfill it again. Perhaps that was it! That’s what I needed. A new purpose.
     Now I am thinking; maybe that is what we all need and that also answers a question which many of us have been asking the universe. Why life should have ups and downs? Is it suffering and struggling necessary for the human kind?
     There is a writer I deeply admire who claims that humans are the most unhappy animals. When I first read that phrase I did not give it much thought. He was right though.
      So I have to deliberate on that even if you don’t want to hear it. We need bitterness and obstacles in order to achieve greatness. We might be the most unhappy of all animals but except that, as the same writer claims, the human kind has the ability to create majestic and unimaginably things. We just need a purpose. 

9 thoughts on “New Perspective.

  1. “We need bitterness and obstacles in order to achieve greatness” Don´t know about the bitterness part, but for certain I haven´t seen a successful person(depending on how you measure success, but let´s go by the standard of earning a lot and being recognised by something great you´ve done like crating the word Eureka) reach that point without any obstacles or failures. Failures and obstacles are key in order to reach the top, what distinguishes those successful people from the others is that they can cope, overcome and come out the other end much stronger, wiser, with more drive and better ideas after those failures and obstacles.

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  2. insipidkish

    I watched this movie yesterday with no expectations. I must say I really enjoyed it and it did bring a tear or two at the end.
    You make a good point, to hell and back as they say…
    The main take-back for me are the lessons on the importance of friendship, love, and closure.
    When you have the above three, pain is insignificant 🙂

    I have had some torrid days in the past, but can only smile back at how easy I came through them. I suppose Life is a continuous learning curve!


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