Day Dreamer.


      The wind was blowing out but the sun was still shining proudly. I was tormented by my thoughts and the desire that haunts my heart. There wasn’t anything irrational about that moment, when my feet were moving rapidly keeping my heartbeats’ pace. The road seemed infinite and his portrait in my mind made me feel as if I didn’t really existed. Those moments were a dream or just a game of my untamed imagination. I was able to hear his soft voice and for a certain inexplicable reason, I smiled. Even my subconscious was laughing at me. The wind was fighting against me and a few seconds later I felt my soul drowning in its’ sorrows. I was trying hard to keep my tears in my tiny tear ducts. His figure was hanging around on the red carpet of my worrisome mind, proud of himself for being there. The look in his eyes was contemplative. I began breathing hard, almost not at all. My heart was dizzy alongside my body while climbing up the marble stairs of the campus. The wind blew tougher upon me, fulfilling my insides with a devouring sadness. I was obliged to smile in order to hide my tearful eyes and continue walking on a slower rhythm.
     He was walking by my pace, still on my mind. I would swear that his hand was holding mine all the way but I would be called nonsensical. But then; he was the only one who understood my craziness. He dealt with it fearlessly. And yes, he was holding my hand and I was the happiest person in that moment. His maroon eyes were shining as the sun that was accompanying me from the very beginning. I would dare say, he was my sun.

5 thoughts on “Day Dreamer.

  1. Hi Elena,
    I’m interested to know how these pieces of writing come about for you? Are they sort of immediate or, rather, thought on for a long time? I’ve been writing similar themed things with a similar length myself on my own blog (which you follow). These are more autonomous and, in a way, stream of consciousness – except with added punctuation.

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    • Hi!
      Well, yes, these pieces are sort of immediate and most of them, my reality.
      I am aware of your blog and I have to say, you’re doing a great ”job”. There is a story there and by that I mean that you can get to people’s minds. Thank you for visiting and don’t hesitate on further questions! 🙂
      P.S. Your art is really great!

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      • Hi Elena 🙂 Thanks so much for your reply. That’s sort of as I thought, with them being almost derived from the real and unreal. Cool. It’s actually my first ever blog and I’m really waiting on a first comment on one of my posts. Anything at all would just make me feel tremendous to know I touched someone. How do I get into people’s minds? Did I get into yours? My art is the main source of the blog, but I’m finding the writing is crossing over more and more. Keep your eye out for new things to come!



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