Did you ever get the chance to talk to yourself while floating on the surface of a deep sea? Did you ever get the chance to walk through a forest without fearing if you lose your way?
I am still wondering if you have ever given the chance to yourself to feel the wonderfulness of a fearful moment. It was a little late to have that discussion, perhaps it was a little late for any matter or just way too soon. In history, it was all about the perfect moment, the right opportunity at the best of times. Unfortunately, nobody got the timing right. I suppose that Socrates would have been a lot more useful nowadays and Frida would have had a better chance in life if her timing was right. But, what if that was the best they could do? What if their timing was as perfect then as it would have been right now? What if she let herself walk on bare feet through that fire? If, if…I could think of a lifetime marked by this hypothetical clause but that wouldn’t be enough; “If” is not enough.
The road was slippery and cold. My feet were trembling as the nod in my stomach was pulling harder and harder my insides. I was trying to control myself to every bite of her lip. The sadness in her eyes was such a seductive burdain. She kept her glare mostly public, letting me study her while swallowing her own saliva hardly. Her collar bones had an intriguing form of a flying bird, somehow being in accordance with her unclear thoughts. She had an unusual perfume that I can hardly describe. Perhaps that would be one of the last things I could possibly describe. The view was still foggy but her smile resembled a lot to summer. I could feel her sorrows inside me, burning and forcing me to talk. The last few meters were the worse. We had found our way out of the forest and the mythical moments we had were fading away into the darkness. It is her eyes the last image I remember; filled with doubts.