Part 1: Luck, Universe or just Love?


          I don’t know. I never believed in luck, faith or love actually. Until today I was of the opinion that we make our own destiny. Partially I still believe that. However, what if there are greater powers that make people just find each other no matter the difficulties or differences?
         I’ve seen in life that every time I’m lost or I don’t know what I want, something occurs and gives me a sign of what I should do…but still, I’m not sure how. How is it possible we run into the person we might be fated to be with although we say we don’t actually care? Somehow…there is a magnetic attraction between people, lovers, soul-mates or whatever they are. What I can’t explain is how can this happen !?! It seems, I don’t know, magical…I can’t find another word. It’s like some people are destined to be together even though there are so many factors that keep them apart. Everyday, something is different…How this can be logical, magical, wonderful and so painful at the same time? How can destiny, luck, universe, stars, magic, logic, desire and pain be described in one word? Can this be named “love”? Is it all about caring and hurting? Is it all about giving and never given back? Is it all about sacrificing? 
         Is it “love” what defines us as humans?