A Shadow.


     Sullen or saturnine define him for thousands of inexplicable reasons. His lips won’t curve and his eyes won’t stop sparkling. I was looking at a shadow that intrigued me. The peculiar expression on his face begged for interpretation and understanding. Perhaps there is too much complexity in that soul and a bit of disorganization. That would be a rational explication for my overwhelming mood; I need to solve the mystery.

     I felt an enchantment disincorporating me. Midnight blue fitted him. I could find the rummiest words to describe his countenance. His touch felt like a cold endearment, like a ray of light after a heavy storm. He was wandering disoriented in my mind. Perhaps I could not guide him or control his way there and that seemed to be the real motive of my amusement. The acknowledgment of this fact deceived me and made me even more curious about him. He was a wave in my ocean that outreached all the others involuntarily.